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Medicare Part D: Important Dates

  • October 1:  Medicare Part D Prescription Drug plan Marketing Activities can begin - At this time you will be able to begin gathering information and evaluating the various Part D plan alternatives for the next calendar year.  Please note, no enrollments may be accepted before November 15 and some plans may not have all of their information readily available until then.
  • November 15 to December 31:   Annual Coordinated Election Period - Here is your chance to join a Medicare Part D plan for the next calendar year. If you already have a Medicare Part D plan, this is your time to look back over the current year and make another decision for your next year’s coverage. Should you stay with your existing coverage or make a change? Here is your opportunity to decide. If you make no decision, you will remain in the same plan as you currently enrolled. There is no enrollment required to renew your present coverage.  (If you do not enroll during this period, your next chance to enroll or change coverage will be for January of the following year.)
  • January 1:   Your Medicare Part D plan becomes effective and you will be able to begin using your Part D benefits.
  • January 1 to March 31:   Coordinating Special Enrollment Period (or SEP) - This special period is available for those people who enrolled into a Medicare Advantage Plan with Prescription Drug coverage (MA-PDs) and now wish to disenroll back to original Medicare coverage and a Prescription Drug Plan. As noted by CMS: "PDPs must accept enrollments for individuals enrolled in a MA-PD plan and who choose to elect Original Medicare during the MA OEP that occurs from January 1 through March 31. Since MA rules require these individuals to maintain prescription drug coverage, they MUST enroll in a PDP to accompany Original Medicare. This SEP allows MA-PD enrollees to enroll in a PDP and is limited to 1 enrollment."
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